Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Puppets and Little Sew and Sews

Normally, I am an early riser but recently I've launched my work day into beginning at 4:30 am.  This is not too much of a problem; it's just being able to stretch energy levels and creative drives into the evenings to keep up with the surging holiday demands.  I am sure all of you magical creative people feel the push at this time of year, too.

Well, here are some WIPs (work in progress) to show my new ventures into the 2014 holidays:

I love Punch and Judy and while I was at the Clifton Forge Heritage Day festival last weekend, I was able to grab a little "design" time while demonstrating my soft sculpture technique.  Here are Punch & Judy heads that I designed and they will become rod puppets as time goes on.
Punch & Judy WIP

Punch is on the left and Judy is on the right.  Pretty ugly and ornery pair aren't they?  Well, in reality they are but, believe me, they will be looking much better and much more recognizable when finished.

Next is a teacher character from my Little Sew & Sew series:

Miss Ellie Mentary

Ellie is sweet and patient and believe me she will look so much better when she has her daytime face and body on.

So there you have it so far ... just a short visit but will report back a little later on our progress.  Gotta stay awake ...!!!


Face plant! The tired tot falls asleep while in his bouncy chair, fulfilling his dad's goal to film him sleeping in an odd spot.
Zzzzzzzzzzz  ...    

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