Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Heritage Day 2014 in Clifton Forge, VA

Heritage Day 2014 began with the pipers playing and crossing the bridge into the center of town in Clifton Forge.  It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day with brisk breezes and invigorating wafts of apple butter pots, sizzling sausages and other hearty delights swaddling the mountain air.

As promised, my puppet children were finished to welcome the visitors as were my other assorted doll samples.  The visitors were even more warm-hearted and enthusiastic about the displays of all types of handmade goodies.  I have never met such a gracious audience of admirers as found at this festival.  The best gift of all was having the unique conversations with individuals (adults) whose eyes lit up with a Christmas Eve excitement which sparked the sharing of childhood memories about favorite dolls and play times.  Much to my surprise, my little shaman doll, Balthazar, was quite a hit with his soft sculpted face and sweet calming charm.

Balthazar the Shaman

Zany Janie brought giggles at her snaggle-toothed smile, purple hair and sneak peeks at her candy corn designed bloomers.
Zany Janie

Next, the bespectacled PumpkinHead Preschooler, Auggie, with his bow tie and saddle Oxford shoes, seemed to be comfortable with gentle hugs.

Seraphina and Savannah the topsy-turvy dolls were a fascination to anyone who came to my little corner of the world.  There were several delighted adults who caressed the little dolls and told me of how they remembered a cherished topsy of their own childhood and a mom now grandmom related that she needed to make repairs to her own Red Riding Hood topsy whose hair had gotten quite frazzled by constant loving play by her children and grandchildren as well.
 Seraphina & Savannah

Finally, kids as well as the young-at-heart couldn't resist holding the rod puppets for a few moments of fantasy play ... this little troupe  were immediately loved and at play with my visitors, young and old alike.
Hilda, Pagliacci, Wilbur and Petulant Pete

What a wonderful celebration and delightful time of  making new friends, sharing  memories, ideas and heartwarming conversations in the historic mountain community of Clifton Forge, VA, on such a beautiful autumn day!  Hope you'll put us on your calendar for next year!


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