Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sneak Peek Halloween Puppetry

Halloween is such a playful, fun time and I thought in light of that I would create my 2014 Halloween dolls as a series of puppets.  These are simple wand puppets of different characters.  As I began my series of characters, I needed to figure the best way of support the figures on a wand.  This was relatively simple  and I sewed together the head, stuffed it and then attached the muslin body to the head after the body was first attached to the rod and stuffed.  I then assembled the arms and legs by sewing them by hand to the body.

Then there was the challenge of dressing the doll with the stick attached.  I found that it was necessary to sew the costume as I normally would but to make allowance for the rod by leaving a hole in the center seam of the pants and then sewing around the hole after attaching the pants or pantaloons properly to the doll.

There were several designs that needed to be adjusted for this type of doll but basically, once all the "bugs" were worked out in the design, all the little characters for Halloween began coming together ...

Here's a peek at the gang out of the creative magic hat: Hilda Hagwart, Wilbur the PumpkinHead Scarecrow, Pagliaccio and Petulant Pete the Pirate. 

 Saturday (October 4) they will make their debut at the Clifton Forge Heritage Day festival and I know they will have so much fun welcoming everyone to the celebration  (their first party ever)!!

Huggity Hugs~

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