Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Puppet Decor -- Puppets as Ornaments when not Performing

In my last post, I discussed inspiration for creativity.  

 A couple of years ago I decided to help my little grandson find some imaginative play by making him a little Santa rod puppet that also has a little brass ring attached to the back of his hat.  Seamus played with Santa as a beloved character in many imagination adventures.  When Santa needed to rest for the day or when the day comes when my grandson has outgrown the Santa puppet stage, Santa can be hung on the Christmas tree as a beautiful ornament and a keeper of many childhood memories for my grandson as he becomes a man and when he brings this little ornament puppet to his own family and son or daughter some day to pass on the tradition of the Santa puppet adventures.

Believe me such a treasure is worth its weight in gold for the present day and for many years to come.    Santa is simply a small rag doll design which has a dowel attached to the head and through the body.  The "drape" that covers the hand and rod has the two little legs sewn onto it and the jacket is sewn on top of that.  Very simple design and the arms and legs have plenty of free movement for lots of animation.  It is easily handled by a child and will hang nicely on the tree or on a wreath in the child's room.

Do you have a special Christmas ornament or toy that brings you memories of your childhood?

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