Saturday, September 13, 2014

Autumn A-Fair!

Well, as you can see from the view from my window, the great ladies of the Blue Ridge are beginning to blush with the soft whisper of autumn.  This tells me that I must really devote all of my time to nothing but sewing and creating to be ready for the fall festivities.

My first venture is the Heritage Day festival in Clifton Forge, VA, October 4.  Last year was my first experience there and I met some of the most delightful people.  I did a demonstration of creating my dolls and, although I have hesitated in doing festivals, I was very surprised to find that I received some wonderful comments, compliments and creative suggestions from my visitors.  During my day at the festival, I collected so much wonderful information about what people were looking for to complete their Halloween and Christmas gift giving lists and to add to their personal collections.

I, in turn, brought to the forefront my collection of topsy-turvy dolls with a bit of history and folklore to add to the spice of the characters.  These dolls alone sparkled so many fond, childhood memories in my visitors' minds and invited so much engaging conversation.  My imagination was dancing with all the new stories that people were willing to share with me that day.  It's amazing what such a little thing like a doll or character can inspire in one's memory and how it can bring such a warm connection among strangers.

Seraphina and Savannah Topsy-Turvy Doll

Seraphina and Savannah are the two sides to a topsy-turvy doll that I created.  Their story is one of two dear friends who met at a New Orleans street fair  and decided to go into business together making their pastries, pies and breads.  They will come with me this year to Clifton Forge to visit with my fellow doll lovers.

Along with my puppet ornaments, I plan to include 6" miniature dolls for both Halloween and Christmas.  There will be homespun stockings loaded with dollies and handmade goodies for decorating and I might even include a new selection of Halloween stockings in the mix.

Well, must get back to work ... what are you conjuring up in your holiday workshop?

Catch ya later!

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