Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beating the Bushes, Rattling the Rafters, Wooing the Muses ....Conjuring Creativity When There Isn't Any to be Found

Witches With Cauldron Clipart
Here we find ourselves at the end of the first week of September and making a mad dash for the work room to start creating the best Halloween art ever and ...screeeeeeeeech! ... we come to a bone rattling halt at the work table.  What shall this year's creation be?  What will delight prospective customers and admirers in the Halloween Art market, the Autumn decor picks for 2014, the Christmas season zinger art piece?  How does one even get there!??? ... discovering just what direction to head in creating the "perfect" character or gift that will head the Best Ever List in artistic expression for these holidays??

Is your creative brain sitting there like a caustic pile of uninspired dust?

Well, I'll let you know how I give life to my dried up and tattered brain and get re-inspired to whip up magic for the holidays in my studio.

First, I am uplifted by music, especially Celtic or lovely classical instrumental music and classical selections for Christmas.  Playing your favorite music, no matter what it is in the background puts your mind at ease and in a meditational mood.  Remember, it is important to be relaxed and let the "inspiration" flow to you.  Pushing, shoving and clawing at our creative Muses only succeeds in upsetting them and tends to put the  lock down those little sprouting "ah-ha's."

Second, look through children's fairy tales and videos that are richly illustrated.  The stories are enchanting as well as the artwork and the simplicity of the bottom line of the genuine character rings in what is important in communicating allure to the customer.

Third, pay attention to what makes you smile ... the quirky look of a little monster doll, an elf who has an attitude, teddy bears with that special something that leave you whispering, "Ahhhhhhhh" or "Awwwww!!"   Yes, the unexpected ... Those special cues should be clues for you to be aware of what triggers those special emotional moments that not only capture your heart but those hearts of art lovers. 

Now let's take for instance Halloween ... witches, ghosts, pumpkins, etc.
Everyone has one and the styles are getting a little tired ... prim, folk, etc.  How can you make one that is different?  Well, you might explore cartoons Witch Hazel and Bugs Bunny at Halloween.  There's something about that old gal that just makes you giggle ... hairpins sprinkling with every twitch of her head and her little stick legs scrambling after Bugs.  Also, take note of her colors ... yes, she is dressed in black but her skin is green and her body shape is quite matronly which I find quite endearing. Her personality strikes a chord with us all who have experienced having to lure that certain someone in our direction and have had to deal with rejection.  Imperfection and vulnerability bring us to our emotional knees.

And that brings us to my last point ... connection ...   In my case, I make cloth character dolls.  Ever had a day when nothing goes right no matter what?  Well, I designed a pinkeep/pincushion doll who just couldn't get her magic spells to come out right.  Her name is Bibbity-Bobbity Boo-Boo and she worked a spell on her niece who had a bad case of the "whinies," So to quiet her and grant her wish ("Auntie, make me a pumpkin."), B-B Boo-Boo did just that accidentally (or not) and made her niece into a pumpkin:

So by giving an overworked character a very human characteristic we can all relate to (frustration with the whiny, irritating child and Boo-Boo's efforts to address the problem), your creation has immediate appeal and connection with the customer.

What tips do you have to crank up the inspiration in your artistic creations?

'Til next time!!


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