Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fresh New Discoveries

What a great way to start off the New Year! ... new discoveries ...

To begin, I contacted my friend, Red Weaver of Weaver's Homestead on Etsy

because I had found some beautiful fabric

Patterned Bird Song Birds and Butterflies  - Fabric By The Yard
and thought this would make a divine handbag to start my new year (my old one is about 2 years old and I need a little breathing room to carry more things to my new classes for the year).  I sent her the fabric and design ideas and she is magically creating a designer bag just for me!!  Here is the style of bag I chose

Pleated Polka Dot and Brown floral handbag with coordinating accessories
 with several customized additions that she will incorporate into the final piece.  Such abracadabra magic this gal performs ... can't wait!!  Red is really easy to work with and has such a magnificient design sense that any creation you might like to have her design, she can fill the bill.

Now my next discovery ... I was researching some cross stitching and delicate designs because I hope to create some special pincushions this year for my shop at Etsy and I discovered a darling shop and blog,

Etsy ShopPrim Folk Art Shop

Primitive Folk Art Cross Stitch Pattern:  Pinkeep DRUM, SLIPPER & STRAWBERRY - Summer Gathering

BlogThe Wooden Acorn

Valerie is the shopowner of the Prim Folk Art Shop and this shop at Etsy is such a delight.  There is such a variety of wool applique, rug making, cross stitch and assorted patterns that are both delicate and endearing.  These gorgeous patterns are in both folk art and prim styles and are made available to you in one-stop shopping by a grand collection of designers at very reasonable prices.  This is one of my "happy places" that I will run to especially on gloomy gray days with a warm soothing cup of hot cocoa.  Just browsing through the many selections sparks my drowsy creative spirit.

The Wooden Acorn

Valerie's delightful blog sparkles with cozy hospitality and visions of her own beautiful creations and insight.

Hope you will visit both Weaver's Homestead shop and Red's blog

and Valerie's shop The Prim Folk Art Shop and her blog The Wooden Acorn (site addresses above).  You won't be sorry and when your creativity starts to fade with the gray winter mists, you will get a new spark of energy by visiting these two delightful artists at their hearthside shops and blogs.



  1. Oh my! You made my day with your kind words concerning my Etsy shop and blog. You are a delight Carlin. Thank you so much! I will be following your blog as so many bloggers inspire me and keep me motivated. Such a fun cirlce to be a part of.


    1. Thank you, Valerie, but it's wonderful bloggers and artists like you who make my job easy and inspire me to continue to create.