Monday, January 28, 2013

Angel Grandmothers

At some time or another everyone has heard of a fairy godmother and some have been blessed with gifts from their fairy godmothers in their lifetime.

Well, in my childhood family, I had an "Angel Grandmother". 
Angel Grandmother
& Me
This was a special nickname that my toddler younger sister gave to our special Grandmother who in all respects was every bit an angel and grandmother to me and my sisters as we grew up.  She was a hardworking mother (my Mom's mom), wife and working as a full-time bookkeeper and executive secretary outside the home.  Keeping all these balls in the air was quite a feat for a woman during the 1920's and on until her retirement in the 1960's.

In doing some research on another ongoing project, I came across a picture of an angel doll that had wings made of wooden corbels.  I have always loved these types of primitive angels but have not yet experimented with the prim doll style as yet. 

So I decided to create an Angel Grandmother with wings made of wooden moulding pieces. This Angel's name is "Comfort" because that is what my Grandmother meant to me ... comfort and love. She carries some trademarks of her special love bundled up in her arms ... great classical childhood books for adventures in reading and cozy sweet dreams, a cuddly teddy bear for companionship and a basket of chocolate chip cookies (some of the best comfort I have always appreciated throughout my lifetime).

Angel Grandmother "COMFORT"

So this Comfort Angel will find her home with someone who is a special child or a special child-at-heart and hopefully will bring much comfort and love in her guardianship.


  1. I too had an angel grandmother. what a sweet doll

  2. Awwww -- Aren't they wonderful. I can stillfeel mine watching over me especially in crazy times.

  3. Loved my grandmother... brings back great memories... LOVE 'comfort' you do such amazing work... your such an inspiration to so many!! ♥

  4. Thank you, Red~
    My Grandmother was always there for me and I wish now that I could have shown her how much she really meant to me. I hope by creating this little tribute to her, I can pass along the love she gave to me.