Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Animal for the New Year ... WILBUR a Big Ol' Softie

Well, I couldn't let the New Year slip in without making a new party animal to celebrate at the party.

Here's Wilbur all decked out in his festive costume and ready to be adopted to a new home to cuddle and cheer you. 
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I love soft-sculpturing and Wilbur's face is accented with 3-D sculpting in the tradition of the early Victorian sock monkey style with a 2013 twist!!  Who would ever guess that he is made from a pair of men's (new, of course) athletic socks?

I've always loved the story of the original sock monkey 
 and especially these homemade babies made to comfort children during the stressing times of the Depression.  Well, we all could use a little comfort now as we face the Fiscal Cliff and the shaky  days of adjustment and recovery ahead. 
 (Maybe President Obama could use a huggable ol' sock teddy bear right about now!). 


So from Wilbur, Gusto Mio and me ....

Happy New Year
a Joyous and Prosperous


  1. Happy New Year Gusto Mio and Wilbur and or course you C... Loving your new designs... :) Very nicely done!

  2. Oh, Thanks, Red!!! Happy New Year and here's to our happy friendship!!! YAY!

  3. Happy to meet you and love your creativity! Just signed up to follow your blog :)

    Charlene Faulkner
    Holiday Stocking Co.

  4. Hi, Charlene!

    Welcome aboard and thank you!

  5. Your Wilbur is so charming! And I love sock monkeys, too. My grandma made me first one. Still have him. He's hanging on the footboard of my Jenny Lind bed!

    1. Hi! would love to see a picture of your beloved sock monkey. I sooooo love them and love pictures of especially well loved ones.

  6. Welcome, Charlene!
    Stay tuned ... I try to post at least once a week on Sundays but that's not written in stone ...