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Since it has been a rather hectic and rocky past couple of weeks, I just thought you might like to see how we have down-sized our Christmas home decor in honor of simplicity and the genuine spirit of Christmas.

When my husband and I rediscovered each other about 7 years ago, he announced to me that he had never really "felt" the Christmas magic ever in his life (really?!).  I, on the other hand, thrived on the beauty and tantalizing shimmer and magic and mystery of this very special time of year ever since I was a very young child.  Well, when we relocated to Lexington, VA, I was in charge of the holiday decorating our new home together. 

We had a full-sized new lighted tree and combined the memorable treasures of ornaments of both of our lives on "our" tree as a symbol of our starting our new lives together.  We adorned our lovely tree with only the happiest of our past memories and a few of our new memories together as newlyweds.

Last year my Christmas splendor hit the wall due to an emotional set-back and it was all we could do to plop down and plug in a bristly green 3-foot icon with little red Dollar Store  Christmas balls and streamers of inch-wide gold ribbon as our contribution to the celebration of the holidays.

As this 2012 Christmas softly approached, I wanted to honor the love of Christmas but not in the grand clash of cymbals as I had done in years before.  So out came the little 3-foot tree but we are now celebrating with a KISS Christmas attitude ... "Keep It Simple, Santa" attitude. 

 Our little tree sparkles delicately with those little red ornaments but with the added jewels of teardrop "crystal" pendants (coincidentally added on Friday, December 14, the day at Sandy Hook).

  The surrounding decor echoes the same simplicity ... a wooden dough bowl that my husband gave me 2 Christmases ago is filled with little boxes wrapped in newspaper and twine with a few assorted glittering Christmas ornaments nestled amongst them;

 an old primitive log cabin house and single Santa ornament that my youngest son and his wife gave us for Christmas two years ago rest quietly under the tree;
and a wooden crate, painted red with black fencepost runners and "Sleigh Rides" handpainted on the side, carrying a few of my rag doll children to help herald memories of our childhoods with sleigh rides and cuddly homemade toys.

There will be no adult children or our grandchildren sparkling up our holidays with laughter and cheer but somehow we will cozy up in our favorite chairs with hot cocoas in hand and recall some favorite times way- back-when as the warmth of old traditional carols softly serenade us in the background.

This year I decided to gift myself with a special doll I made just for me. 

 I made Gusto Mio, a clown elephant doll, whose story begins because he has run away from the circus seeking the comfort of a quiet life all his own escaping from clamoring crowds, flashing lights and demanding trainers and schedules ... much like my husband and I have found here in Lexington.   He lives here with me now ... a creation from my heart to hug and keep me company as I sew and sketch and journal and write stories. 

 And my husband ... this year just before he turns 70, has a surprise waiting for him from Santa  (shhhhhhhh!) ... a  Red Ryder Daisy BB gun of his very own ... he still has the original BB gun that he was given for Christmas when he was 10 years old ... it is in sad shape, missing its stock and a bit stiff  and cranky but all his.  Now he has a shiny new one he can shoot at targets and remember when Gene Autry rode the west and he was Gene's sidekick ... back when ...

So in closing, I wish you the blessings of this 2012 Christmas and holy holidays and send you a wish for the New Year .... with a big K.I.S.S ...

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Keep It Simple, Santa!

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