Saturday, December 15, 2012

SILENT NIGHT .... Far from the Madding Crowd

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It is hard to believe that a little over two weeks ago, there surged a tsunami of humanity through department store doors countrywide, with cursing, pushing, shoving, clamoring, shouting all in the rush and gush of Black Friday on Thursday madness ... all in the name of Christmas, Hanuka or just common greed. 

We as a common community huddled around together to observe and shake our heads in admonishing disbelief.

Two years of snapping, sniping and snarling in political bantering  surged to its towering summit with an election about two weeks before Thanksgiving

We withdrew, relieved that the scheming and scamming were over only to be pitched into yet another line in the sand beginning another battle for "right way" and "my way or the highway" fiscal clawing and taunting.

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Yesterday, December 14, Friday, we were brought to our knees by the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 


Christmas this year, less than 2 weeks away, will be a little sadder, a little lonelier and a little quieter for the loss of those innocents at Sandy Hook.  Our president, bruised and battle-worn, stood before us to announce the sad tidings ... a weary warrior, fresh from the ravages of the election, Hurricane Sandy and the budget war games of Capitol Hill stood before us as the Father-in-Chief with tear-filled eyes to make the announcement that the death of 20 young children, 6 adults and 2 more souls had brought us all together shocked and shivering to rally to our family centers and embrace our loved ones and hold the lost ones and their devastated families close in our hearts.

"... and the Children shall lead them" is perhaps now our touchstone as we are soberly reminded that "For our children, family and love" should be our battle cry. 

 This Holiday season will be a little quieter, a little sadder, a little lonelier for the loss of these innocents.  Hopefully, it will be seasoned with a sweeter simpler love and appreciation for the blessings that we have and the hugs and love we give to our own and to those we embrace as our own in this time of loss.

Pinned Image  As we sit silently bathed in meditation about the tragedy and blessings of this holiday season, perhaps we will remember this quote from a child at Christmas ...

"Look, Daddy! 
Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."
It's a Wonderful Life - It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
God bless those sweet angels and ...
God bless us every one!


  1. beautiful post Carlin--I am feeling very sad lately and I am certain all these events fit into that
    Happy Holidays my friend

  2. Thank you, mn ~~
    It is heartbreaking that we must wrestle with the tragic loss of those little ones and the heroic guardian angel teachers who were also lost. However, the incident in less than a week has brought about amazing movement in the cause of good for our children's protection. Their sacrifice has spurred crusty, self-serving, single-minded politicians into movement to actually do something quickly and effeciently about addressing and preventing these dangers. At the president's insistence and outrage at this and other recent slaughters, Congress has been prodded to quickly and effectively move ahead in effecting changes that will begin to move us forward in thinking and behaving as a responsible society.

    Bless those little angels in their innocent sacrifice and perhaps this Christmas we shall hear their laughter and embrace their sweetness in our hearts.

    Love to you and yours and happy holidays, my sweet friend, mn!