Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blue Birds of Happiness

It's been a hectic week and I lost my sweet little Emma after 13 years of love and devotion that she unconditionally gave me.  She slipped away softly.  She had waited for me to check in on her after her nap.  She didn't raise her head when I called her name ... just laid her ears back and looked at me.  We both knew it was time to say good-bye and she had waited for me before she closed her eyes.  I cuddled her in my arms and with a tearful farewell I felt her breathe her last and slip away. 

She is buried in a little memorial garden we made just outside the back door.  I pass by here several times a day.  She joined her sister who died almost two years ago to the day.  I planted 4 blue plants, blue delphiniums and a Jim Crockett aster, to commemorate the special lives of our two cats and our Pomeranians, Emma and her sister Coquette.

As the sadness of losing Emma was beginning to soften a little a few days later, I looked outside and caught sight of a clutch of blue bird fledglings perched on our deck railing waiting for flight instructions from their mama. 

So a noble life passes and is replaced by new life, sweetness and a new beginning of life's next chapter.


  1. I am so sorry it is so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I miss her every day, of course. With that comes a flood of wonderful happy memories of the love she gave me.

  2. Replies
    1. She was a treasure for us and definitely one of a kind.