Monday, June 4, 2012

More American than the Flag, Mom and Apple Pie ...?

What's more American than the American Flag, Mom and Apple Pie?  Raggedy Ann and Uncle Sam wall dolls dressed in red, white and blue with stars, stripes, Americana pinwheels and American flags.

Raggedy Ann and the sweet simple rag dolls of her time meant the world to me from the time I was able to waddle around on my own two legs, grab my Annie doll and squeeze her in a tight toddler eye-popping hug.  Raggedy Ann made her first appearance in this world in 1915 and was patented then by her creator, Johnny Gruelle, a writer and cartoonist.  As his wife tells it, Johnny was rummaging around in his grandmother's attic and found the handmade doll and remarked that he thought that this doll and her history would make a good story.

This year feels especially "American" and patriotic with campaigning, elections, troops returning home, etc.  So I decided to design some more wall dolls to express love of this great country.  These dolls are not only dressed in patriotic red, white and blue (like the original Raggedy Ann and Andy) but the girls I named LiberyBelle are dressed as if they were representing the American flag with the blue field of stars as their dress tops, sleeves and aprons and their skirts are vintage-looking red and white stripes.  My Libbys wear tiaras of little stars, old fashioned cluney crocheted lace collars with heart button brooches.  Each of the girls carry two pinwheels made of vintage repro quilting cotton fabrics.

My Uncle Sams proudly carry Old Glory (primitive style), sport star-spangled coats and long-legged red and vintage striped pants.  Their top hats have a patriotic hatband on a blue hat.  Their coat lapels sparkle with metallic star buttons.

Celebrating with these colors and symbols all makes you want to seek out a parade on Main Street, USA, and wave your flag as the bands go marching by. 

What's  your favorite Americana/Patriotic decoration or symbol?




  1. Love it! Great for the fourth of july.

  2. Absolutely, Cathy! and Great for just celebrating being an American