Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Really Big Shoe Circus ... It's Spring!!!

Time to meet two of the fantastic crowd living in Clown Alley at The Really Big Shoe Circus!! (Does anybody remember Ed Sullivan and his "really big 'shoe'"?  ... sorry that's for the older crowd).

These little fellers are members of the SugarBelly Clown Troupe.  Now you've heard of Potbellied Pigs and beer-bellied guys, well, the newest diet phenom is the Sugar Belly ... allegedly caused by eating too much sugar which allows those sweet indulgences to deposit themselves right around the ol' midsection.  But never fear ... just remember that we have many legendary Sugar-Bellied heros since our childhood .... Santa Claus (his love of cookies must have contributed to his long life), Winnie the Pooh (his enchantment with honey seemed to give him the cutest little paunchie belly we all love to cuddle him for even to this day), Mr. Fezziwigg and, of course, the Spirit of Christmas Present delighting in his love of abundance (one of the first "foodies") his lovable charisma being stoked with good eats, good wine and good times.

Well, the little SugarBelly clowns love anything sweet.  In fact, they love so much sweetness, they seek anything and anyone sweet or who might need a "sweet" fix of just a great pal and sweetheart of a companion. 

So, here is a little sweet fix for you ... a sneak peek at my first two SugarBellies ... all 9 inches of them ... who will be featured under the Big Top and coming your way in the near future in my Etsy shop:  ( .

There's always time for some sugar, some giggles and even some great belly-laughs, too, right?

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