Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flea Hoppin', Skeeter Chompin', Tick Tockin' Summer Is Here ...?!!

After just rolling out of a winter post-holiday hibernation, awakening bleary-eyed and bed-tosseled, we have been pitched head-on into summer sizzlin', storm-rippin', tornado twistin' weather patterns.  It is a bug-tussle holiday ... already so much buzzin' and bumpin' and entirely too much itching and chewing ... enough to drive one to Poe-ian levels of  snaggle-toothed dementia and raging madness.

Aaaahhhhhh! The perfect setting for Halloween creating!  "Halloween", you say!  But yes, of course, my pretties ... check your calendars and count on those chubby little fingers ... Halloween is just 7 months and 6 days away (that's 220 days to be exact and less than that if you want to create and share your art with the Halloween celebrators of the world).  I envy our Australian cousins now delighting in the fiery lusty colors of fall and soon to be crunching through crispy heaps of fallen leaves and inhaling the snap of fall into their lungs!!

So, I say, in order to inspire all of you lovers of the Autumn/Winter chill and long to delight in those sparkling magical holidays filled with the perfumes of smoky fireplaces, apples, cinnamon and cozy cocoas, take heart ... lift your paintbrushes, threaded needles and fantasy papers and toast the coming of Halloween in your creation of Halloween fantasies of glimmer, and glitz, mystery and madness ... your inspirations of Christmas sparkle and homespun.

Let the celebration creation begin!!

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