Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew Now What?! ..... New WIP

Since the weather has been fickle as to whether it will be spring, summer or remnants of winter, I decided to press forward and start creating things for Halloween.

I began exploring characters from Edgar Allan Poe's stories (he was certainly an interesting chap).  After completing my research, I decided to create a character from The Black Cat ... the lead character who tells the tale of mystery and dementia (I named my character Grim Gristlebone) and, of course, the star, Pluto 2 ... the black cat.  The story is delightfully so "Poe-ish" and sizzles with the insanity of emotions gone awry and inflamed by alcoholism, helping to develop the intense characters in dilemmas that we, in everyday routines, often find ourselves internally confronting but have the good judgement not to release on our partners, spouses and/or friends and families.

Here is the first release of the process of developing this character into a 3-D artpiece.

Grim Gristlebone (WIP) 
Grim G. completed

Grim Closeup

Certainly no prize winner for most lovable darling, Grim wins my award for the zaniest  and insanely entertaining of the villainous lot of characters predating Wiley Coyote.   If you have a few moments and need some inspiration for new Halloween personalities, I highly recommend checking out Edgar Allan Poe's stories ... the possibilities are endless!!

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