Sunday, February 12, 2012

WIP ... Maeve the Merrie ... a Spirit & Healing Doll

During the cold bluster of an unsettled winter, my creative focus has returned to one of my first loves ... the spirit and healing doll.  This series of OOAK pieces is called Celtic Comfort Crones and they are meant to bring peace, serenity and direction to anyone who needs some comfort and focus in their life.

Briefly, a spirit and healing doll is a type of totem that channels positive energies in a strong spiritual way to the recipient of that doll.  I have enjoyed creating these dolls and have looked forward in completing many commissions for my work in the recent past.  It was time to return to my past love and begin creating these wonderful dolls again.

So, I will give you a sneak peek at my present WIP ...  Maeve the Merrie.  She is of Celtic origin, a crone of great wisdom and bright spirit.  These pictures show you my work in progress as she sports pins to hold on her hair, her tunic is still basted in place during these humble beginnings of this little creature.  Her facial features are not finished and she has a lot of detailing to go before she is complete. 

Hope you like her so far!

Here's Maeve the Merrie ...

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