Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Little Corner of the World ....

Back in the first part of January I was pooped from Halloween and Christmas creating and all sorts of holiday preparation and I decided to knuckle down and sweep out some of the cobwebs from my brain and my sewing room/studio and get things organized a little so I could at least know what I had to work with to get going again in this new year.

So ... just thought you might like to take a peek at my little corner of the world and see where all the "little people" and creatures get their start.  It "ain't" fancy but it's home to us.

Here goes ...

This is where I sit (in the rocker) and do research and mentally work out the detail work in the pattern-making end of my art.  That rocker was used by my Mom to rock several of the grandchildren to sleep for afternoon naps.  The bear is called "Better Bear" and is one of six that I bought after completing each chemotherapy treatment.  He was and still is something safe and reassuring to hug even in the best of times.  On the upper shelf are many prototypes of my dolls and some treasured gifts from special friends and my "mantra" on the wall above, "Dream It ... Do It" to keep me reminded that any inspiration worth doing is worth spending the time on working through the details.

My shelving is comprised of orange crates turned on end and stacked.  I started doing this in my "single" days because it was so much easier to move from one location to another and moving my studio with all the sewing accessories was easier if everything was already packed in these boxes.  Just pick them up and go and when you get where you are going, stack them up and start sewing.  I love the cozy "natural" look of these crates and it reminds me of the days when having two nickels to rub together was a good day.

A few steps away is my drawing and cutting table where I draw out my patterns and cut my fabrics which become my little characters.  If you look closely, you will see that it is a 1920-30 vintage enamel-topped kitchen table.  I fell in love with this table when I first saw it and it constantly reminds me that many a woman started to accomplish her dreams and/or start her business right from her own kitchen table.

Finally here is the sewing center with my faithful sewing machine perched atop my husband's old school desk and sweet Hermione GoodWitch sitting at the corner of the table like a site boss insuring that I will face the least amount of resistance during my sewing machine time.

Well, that's my little world!  Please know that you're welcome here anytime!  I'd love to see your favorite "creative" place.  As we say down here in southern Virginia,

"Y'all come back now!"

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