Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silver Rainy Days

I watch little crystal rain droplets dapple my windows and my mountain view is shrouded in a mystic drape of soft clouds.  Rainy days in winter are special for me. 

First thing I did this morning to keep spirits up and energized was put on a pot of homemade chicken cacciatore sauce and let it softly simmer on the stovetop to perfume the air and meld and cure into a warm comforting hug of spaghetti and robust sauce for later in the day.

With that in place, I go into the sewing room and work out some puzzling challenges on my doll designs and line up my other sewing projects for the day.  Once that is in order, I check email and copy relevant articles to note and read later in the afternoon to help the business end of my craft.  I also check online for inspiration from other artists to keep me uplifted through the morning.

I enjoy doing handwork detailing on rainy days and listening to soft music.  What motivates you on a gray day in your world as an artist?


  1. sounds like a simply perfect day.

  2. Thanks, Cathy ~~ It wasn't perfect but pretty darned close!! Just very gentle.