Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That's the Spirit ...

About ten years ago just before my life was disrupted by major relocations and other changes, I created spirit and healing dolls.  Briefly, these dolls channeled the protective prayers and wishes of a loved one to the recipient of the doll.  The doll was also infused with special incense, prayers and meditations, wore special crystals and dressed with special clothing which usually portrayed the powerful character of the doll to remind one of the prayers and wishes that had been sent to them.  Often I would be commissioned to make dolls for protection or to channel the energies of love back and forth between  a loved one and one that had passed into the afterlife.  I was also asked to create a spirit doll that would help a terminal cancer patient focus positively on the new life she would soon be crossing over into and to help her prepare for the journey.

In this post today,  I just wanted to share a little doll companion of my own that I created for myself to reconfirm for me that I was strong and could succeed in whatever venture I was facing at the time.  Her name is Edwynna, named for my dad whose name was Edward.    She has accompanied me and ridden on long trips on lonely, late evenings back and forth from graduate classes in Cleveland, returning through snow and ice to Erie, PA, long after midnight.  Her companionship reassured me that there was always someone "out there" looking out for me and who really cared about me and that loving protection would surround me in a little spiritual cocoon as I zipped back and forth along the dark north coast winter roadway.

So here is Edwynna who now sits next to me in my sewing room along with Hermione Goodwitch to keep me encouraged to stay focused on all the projects that are unfolding for me now.

Edwynna seated

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