Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Couldn't Bear to Say Good-Bye

Christmas was somewhat anti-climatic for me this year.  I was swept up in creating inventory for Halloween and Christmas sales since early last spring 2011 that by the time Christmas arrived, the only icon I could muster was my little pre-lit 3-foot Christmas tree.  There it stands, twinkling every evening since mid-December, trying its best to brighten my spirits.  It has become such a wonderful, comforting friend as I sunk in the bog of post-holiday doldrums.

Well, here it is late January and I can't bear to part with my little friend.  We are expecting the entire neighborhood in for an HOA meeting this week and I had to think fast about what I needed to do to save my little friend from any embarrassment.  Sooooo .... I decided to make some little Valentine decorations by taking wooden circles and decoupaging mini vintage ephemera of Old Valentine's Day cards on one side and little glittered hearts on the other side.  I wired the ornaments after sugar-coating them with a glistening of diamond dust glitter.  The little tree already had mini red glass balls and little angels.  I grabbed two favorite sweet rag dolls and placed them side by side in doll chairs.

Next I quickly wrapped a miniature box of Russell Stover chocolates with 1/8" red ribbon and placed an ephemera Valentine envelope in the little boy doll's hands and a miniature Valentine card in the little girl's hands for a romantic gift exchange by the now Sweetheart Tree. 

Now my little tree can continue to bring me joy every evening when at 5 p.m. it blinks awake and sparkles throughout the rest of my evenings and I can change out the decorations for celebrating every upcoming holiday.

Sooooo ... wishing you a romantic, Love-ly and Happy Wintering .....
Sweetheart Tree
Heart Ornament

Sweetheart Valentine Exchange
Sweets for my Sweetie
With All My Love

Mini Vintage Valentine Ornament


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