Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're Back and Creating like Crazy

View of Elephant Mountain from my studio
The mountain air is sweet and crisp and Polly-Wog's has been so busy creating Halloween creatures as well as other little ones.  

Must catch you up.  I am now featured in the Alleghany Highlands Arts & Crafts Center in Clifton Forge, VA and have also joined over 30 brilliant artists at the newly opened Stitchin' Post in Lexington, VA.  As you can imagine I have been delightfully busy designing and sewing for these two special and distinguished art centers.

Sooooooo ..... right down to introducing you to my little ones ...

Well, not so little is Raggz, my life-sized scarecrow, that held court in the front window of the Stitchin' Post through Halloween.  He was such fun to create and really enjoyed greeting customers of Erin Hutchinson's darling shop.

Next are my pincushion dolls, the Little Sew & Sews.  These have been tremendously popular and I love making them as different characters with stories and representing different vocations: barristers, teachers, nurses, Halloween characters, golfers, hunters, quilters, etc.  They are real pincushions but are great shelf sitters and collectibles.
Bunker MacDivot

Bibbidi Bobbidi BooBoo

Rumpole of the Bailey (Barrister)

Rusty Spade

Sister Glory Bea

Sr. Ima Newbie

Iva Goodheart, RN

Miss Ellie Mentary (Teacher)

These pincushions are one-of-a-kind having their own stories and every one is different.

I have PunkinTots and witches:

Patsy PunkinTot

Pip PunkinTot
Zany Janie (full view)

Zany Janie

I love making these wall dolls, too!  Count Vladimir is a daddy taking over in the childcare department while his wife is having a relaxing night out.  Then there is his wife, Madame Amelia Fright and her School of Flight, where she trains baby vampires in the art of spooky flight.  Santa also joins in making a solo flight on the Big Night due to an unexpected flu snaffoo at the North Pole.

Madame Amelia Fright and her School of Flight

Count Vladimir with baby onboard

Santa's Solo

I'll be back with more of my characters.  If you are interested in commissioning a doll, I would be delighted in talking with you via email/convo at my Etsy shop:

Back to work .....

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