Sunday, October 23, 2011

Softie-Hearted Love ... WIPs

Didn't see what all the fuss was about at first.  With the soft-mooshie bodies, arms and legs, simple, humble expressions, homemade, primitive details and patchwork homeliness, just couldn't understand the frantic appeal.

Then true love struck ... I started dabbling with having a relationship with these Plain Janes.  Took a little tuck here, added a splash of color there and before I realized it, I was head-over-heels in love with the phenom known as "Softies."  They became addictive and instantly took on a character of their own.  Little stories about their adventures and their lonely lives in the cast-off hamper suddenly started dancing through my head.  They came to life with every stitch and snip.

So, here are some of the first "Softies" to come off the worktable with litle snippets of their stories....


Marzipan has dreamed all her little life of becoming a prima ballerina and starring in the leading role as Clara in the"Nutcracker Suite."  She has practiced endlessly morning and night and is determined to capture the role as prima ballerina before the  Christmas presentation  of  the Nutcracker by the reknown Prancing Pachydermia Ballet Company.  Good luck, Marzipan, and  may the Force be with you!

True Grit Kit

True Grit Kit loves Rooster Cogburn and even has that confident swagger and eyepatch to prove it.  Even though the inner city is his terrain, he is determined to keep law and order wherever he prowls.

Greta Goat

Greta Goat longs to own a  Greek speciality restaurant.  She dreams of offering delectable salads and  culinary delights featuring  Greek recipes and goat cheeses (no surprise there).  There will not be any lamb or goat on the menu (of course) but there will definitely be a goat chef in the kitchen .... none other than Greta!!

Uncle Charlie Horse

Uncle Charlie Horse is somewhat of a braggart in the family.  He loves to carryon about winning his medal in Her Majesty's Steeplechase when actually it was second place in the royal sack race. A little confusion there, but Uncle Charlie Horse is getting on in years and his memory is not what it used to be.  He wears the infamous medal around his neck daily and recants the tale of valor to whomever accidently stirs him from his endless armchair slumber. 

Hope you have enjoyed meeting these first gentle guys.

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