Monday, October 3, 2011

Etsy's New Bells and Whistles

I must admit I am a newbie to Etsy.  I have a shop and have been reading all the Etsy notices and information about using best keywords and Search Ads and other techniques that are available with a fee. 

My question to you is:   Have any of you used the Search Ads or other advertising promotions and have they made a significant difference in your sales levels?  How about the relevancy of keywords ... has changing your keywords and/or the order of listing them really affected your sales?

I'd love to hear what your experience is on Etsy and sales ... is it the
sluggish economy that has put the "yawn" on the buyer or are results dramatically different if we pay for these bells and whistles to flag down the potential customer?  I am concerned about taking advantage of this more intense holiday shopping time of the year and would love to receive your advice in this.

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  1. Hi's something I've been working on too...I do think key words matter and have changed most of my items titles and making them more specific, like..."primitive cloth doll, Annie"
    Tags are important too.
    I think it has helped a lot more people have added me to there favorites and I'm sure I've had a couple more sales.
    I wouldn't use search ads or pay for any promotions I do believe we can do it ourselves with out forking out our hard earned cash.
    Having a facebook page and using twitter has also helped with promotions and sales. I also think mailing out a news letter to your customers once every two months, just a short news letter where you mention up coming events, sales and new items. Well that's my thoughts. Have a great day..cheerio