Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP -- Maybe Silence is Golden

Well, it's been a while but perhaps silence is golden.  I've been working on my children's stories and characters of Frog Bottom Borough.  As you recall, it all started with the PumpkinHead Family:

Peter, Pandora, Pippin and Sprout PumpkinHead

and grew to the Gourdons (soon to be completed), and included Hermione GoodWitch:
Hermione GoodWitch, Herbologist

and now includes Hermione's cousins, Camilla and Cordelia Chinwaggle.

Camilla has just been completed.  The Chinwaggle sisters are so named because they both love gossip, both passing it along and filling their days with stories, embellishing them and scurrying through the borough, passing those tales along.  They have found themselves in quite a bit of trouble by persisting in practicing this enticing but naughty habit.

Camilla is also a milliner.  Her second passion in life is making hats and wearing them.  She has made hats for everyone from Peter PumpkinHead to the borough royality, Lord Geoffrey Pumphrey and Lady Puffin Pumphrey.  She delights in creating chapeau for the wee creatures of Frog Bottom, including lady bug and honey bee sunbonnets.

So, here she is in her first ever public appearance, Camilla Chinwaggle, Milliner Extraordinaire, who creates finery, embellishments, bonnets, hats and headgear of a magical quality and delight:
Camilla Chinwaggle, Milliner Extraordinaire

There you have it for now;  stay tuned for more added characters and stories.

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