Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tribute to Lucille La Verne -- Crone Extraordinaire!

Very few recognize the name Lucille LaVerne but her characters have imprinted our childhood memories for generations past and to come.  My first encounter with her gifted acting, that I was aware of, was seeing Lucille in her role as "La Vengeance"  a haggish co-leader with Madame Defarge in Charles Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities."  She starred as a toothless, dumpy, grinning hag who waddled alongside Madame Defarge to all the beheadings of royalty during the French Revolution.
Now here is my tribute to her in Cordelia Chinwaggle, sister to Camilla Chinwaggle and both cousins to Hermione GoodWitch, all of Frog Bottom Borough.

Cordelia Chinwaggle

Here are the Chinwaggle sisters:
Sisters Camilla and Cordelia Chinwaggle

Lucille LaVerne is most remembered for her invisible role as the model and voice for the old Crone and the Queen in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
Thank you, Lucille, for your marvelous contribution and inspiration, allowing us to get in touch with our inner"hag."


  1. She turned out fabulous. Not familiar with Lucille, but that's why I got you..... I have learned so much from you and am enjoying every minute.......... Cordelia and her sister are incredible and I luv the toof :0

  2. Thanks, Red! These gals were such fun to design. They practically design themselves. I am currently working on more characters for Frog Bottom Borough.

  3. Your dolls are very quirky and whimsical. Fun and beautiful art.