Saturday, September 20, 2014

Autumn at Last!

As Autumn awakens within the next few days, we can look forward to crisp cool temperatures, the rustling of leaves and the blaze of color.  Summer does her swan song and Autumn enchants the air with smoky, savory fragrances that are her calling card.

At this time of year I love to fall back on my love of vintage Halloween art and postcard art.  Most of the characters are innocent and very young ... nothing terribly scary and the colors and artwork are so endearing.  I guess it is because it reminds me of my childhood.
Trick or Treat meant strolling from door to door in  your own neighborhood and begging for candy from people you know who have watched you grow from year to year.  There was no worry of pin or razor blade packed treats and often the homemade treats were the most prized.  Sadly, those days are gone now.

In preparing for the seasons, both Halloween and Christmas, I try to express the childhood innocence and fun that Halloween and Christmas brought to me and to most of the baby boomer and younger kids.

Here's to happiness and joy as autumn begins to color our world!

Back to work!

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