Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work in Progress ... I'm Still Alive!!

Been working so hard with this new character doll but I just wanted to reassure everyone that Polly-Wog's is still alive and kicking.  This little doll character has been a stinker in coming to life.

Do  you ever have crazy creative times when the mental images keep coming to you in batches and the images keep changing?  It really is hard to stay focused.  I will show you my work in progress and she still has a way to go.

Her name is Little Red (named for one of my best friends, Red Weaver) and believe me, sewing on a full head of curly red wool was quite a job.  I sometimes think it would have been easier for the dolly to grow her own (not really).  I have been struggling with designing a pinafore but after working with tiny seams and ravelling curves, I decided she could have a nice Osnaburg apron with a cute little pocket instead.  I am also designing a little shaggy dog for her.
Got to get back to the sewing table and get her finished.  I have more detailing to do and I have another deadline pressing.
Be back soon .....  woo-ha-ha-ha ....!!


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