Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tumble into Fall ... Getting Ready for Halloween

With the temperatures smothering every living thing and vaulting into the sloggy, sultry mid 80's and 90's and peppered with the Titan Clash of frequent blustery thunderstorms, Mother Nature seems to be tussling with her transformation from hot wicked summer to the crisp snap of autumn, in preparation for a lovely, peaceful drowsy sleep after these raging weather menopausal tantrums.  Each morning here in the Blue Ridge Mountains brings a mysterious and haunting shroud of silver gossamer fog, with a promise of the arrival of the fall season with its flamboyant flaming hues and the appearance of mysterious little creatures of the Halloween harvest time.

Well, here at Polly-Wog's there is no exception.  We have conjured up some little tidbits ... haunting little creatures who are gathering to help you with your celebration of All Hallows' Eve.  Just thought I would ready your holiday palate for the tang of the upcoming festivities of fall with a little parade of stars ....

Grim Gristlebone

Wolfie Werewolf

Wacky Winnie Witch

Fearless Phoebe PumpkinHead

Poor Pitiful Pagliacci

Captain Pete Pegglegg
Young Vlad Dracula (Drackie) in Jammies

So there you have it, a sneak peek of who has already arrived at Polly-Wog's for the great Autumn Festival with more guests to arrive shortly. 

 There will be a wonderful 24-hour sale going at Polly-Wog's on 17 August (Friday) of 20% off everything in the Polly Wog shop:

 to help you get into the holiday mood and also to run in collaboration with the
Halloween 24/7 Team 24-hour BNR !!

The BNR and  my shop Sales start at 10 a.m. EDT on August 17 and ends at 10 a.m. EDT on August 18  (Saturday) and my shop discount code is HALLOWEEN.  

Please be sure to join us all at Halloween 24/7 for the jolly 24-hour BNR sale celebration!!!

I will have an announcement on my shop banner to remind you.  Hope to see you there!!



  1. Wonderful stuff Carlin!!!! Ty for sharing about the BNR for Friday! I'm stoked!

  2. This is so exciting and will be a fun party for everyone!!! Can't wait!!