Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heart Candy ~~

Nothing says lovin' like a sweet little rag doll.  Here are two of my new additions to my raggedy family:  Abigail and Ellie SugarBabee.  They are ready for their new homes and I love making these dolls.  The eyes are handpainted as well as the shoes and both are sealed.  Then the facial features are handembroidered.  Their dresses are designed from 1930's repro fabrics and their little striped stockings are made from homespun ticking.  The cluny lace was handsewn for their collars and for the hemline trim.  Tiny hairbows dress up their imported wool topknots and hair and, along with ruffly pantaloons, they even have tiny shoe laces.  A red heart button brooch sets off the neckline and an Osnaburg apron makes these little ladies quite neat and trim.

How do you like the girls?  They are fun and delight all packed into these little gals who are only 10 inches tall and would be a delightful addition to any collector's treasury.

They can be found in my shop at Etsy:

or in my shop at Tittle & Tat:

Abigail & Ellie SugarBabee


  1. adorable pair!
    Just saw your studio photo's, sigh, it would be so nice to have all that shelving. Love all the little dolls watching you as you work!

  2. Thanks, Grace for the compliment for the girls.

    Thanks about the "shelving." All they are are premade orange crates stacked on top of each other. Makes it easy to move around if you have to. Also makes it easy to add more "storage" by just buying some more crates!