Sunday, December 4, 2011

Soap Opera Softie -- The Days in Their Lives

As the days of the soap opera are fading into the musty pages of history, the Softies have come forward to bring their lifetime drama to light.  Here are a few of the Soap Opera Softies and their dramatic scenarios.

Angus Argyle

The conservative and upstanding Angus Argyle holds the prestigious position of Vice President and Treasurer of Bradford and Bingley Bank of London.  However, during his dinner breaks and especially in the Yuletide season, the soft bell of the Salvation Army Santa beckons him to the corner of Lamb's Conduit Street.  There he can be found sitting quietly in the snow behind Santa, eyes closed, reminiscing about his childhood, enchanted by the memories of soft tinkling sounds of his mother's sheep bell in the misty gloaming of Scotland.

Dr. Eggar Benedict Watson
Dr. Eggar Watson's life obsession is to uncover the whereabouts of all the missing yolks in "No-Yolk" Noodles.  His valiant motto is:
The perpetrator of the abduction of these missing small fry must be appre"hen"ded ...    Justice must be served!

 A little Moroccan princess named Marrakesh can't wait until she receives her pilot's license.  Her dream is to own a touring company in Marrakesh, Morocco, and conduct flying carpet rides over her hometown.  Her great passion now is barnstorming the local mosques and buzzing the outdoor marketplace, scattering a flurry of chickens, feathers, livestock and merchants in a blanket of sand and dust throughout the alleys and tents in the city streets on her surprise raids.

Dillard is a foundling puppy with his eye on the sky.  His favorite food is spaghetti with meatballs and he hopes one day to find the love of his life just like his hero, Tramp, from the movie Lady and the Tramp.
He is a journalist and writes for the local rag, DogPatch.  Andy Rooney is his idol and Dillard hopes to grow eyebrows and a spikey personality like Andy but he is much too soft and friendly in his young years.  He is aspiring to hone his skills and demeanor and hopes the life experience of being a roaming reporter will give him enough gristle to toughen his style and appearance.

Zip the Turtle has decided to train for the local marathon.  He ditched his turtle shell and donned racing silks and a stunning orange striped Speedo.  He's not only lighter on his feet but is a flashy icon to the local paparazzi's delight.  He can be heard singing Lady Ga-Ga's song as he dashes along:

"Got my flash on, it's true.
Need that picture of you ....
It's so magical ..." 
So there you have it, the days in their lives ....

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