Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling .....

With Christmas Day only 97 days away (that's three months and a week, Gang!), my studio has been humming away with a combination of Halloween and Christmas projects in all stages of  production.  In preparation of my upcoming Christmas Home show, the usual designing of dolls and doll-related items have been popping off the drawing board and into reality.

However, my Christmas show partner suggested that perhaps there also should be a consideration of making not only one-of-a-kind items but more affordable and stocking stuffer varieties that could be added to my line.  Well, it was hard to shift gears but the challenge was out there and had to be attempted.

So, here is a suggestion (my version) for all you out there who are in a quandry as to what to make that is artistic, classy and yet affordable as well as desirable for all ranges of those holiday shoppers we are all vying to attract.

I love ephemera and especially Christmas ephemera.  So a variation of an art trading card came to mind.  I designed a wooden card that I sawed from 4 foot planks of poplar, painted and decoupaged the beloved ephemera to the wooden card.  With holes drilled in the top and brass jumprings inserted, I added sprinkles of diamond dust glitter, artificial snow and gilt them with gold paint along the edges.  The back of the "card" has a written wish and when sparkled with a Christmas ribbon at the top .... Voila!  A beautiful gift has appeared ... to be used as an ornament for a Christmas tree, wreath or to embellish that very special Christmas gift.  Need a gift for a special teacher or school nurse or a hostess gift?  Here's your answer.

Mind you, they do take a little time with several steps but believe me, it's worth the trip.  I have even started collecting family Christmas pictures, reducing them, labelling them on the back with names and date of the individuals in the pictures and here is a special ornament for the Christmas tree or start your own "Holiday Family Tree."

Here are some examples to help you start brainstorming:

Back side of ornament

If you're still nervous about starting Christmas before Halloween projects have been completed,  just shift gears and use Halloween vintage ephemera and these little ATCs can be delightful dangling from a Halloween garland or dancing in the boughs of a Halloween feather tree!!

Have fun ...  I'll be posting a mini tutorial on how to create these  shortly.

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