Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's the Spirit II - Boys will Be Boys!!

In an earlier post, my mini pumpkinhead girls made their premier appearance.  Well, we didn't want to shortchange the boys for one of the greatest holidays .... So as an exclusive for you .... This is Where the Boys Are !!!!!!! ....

Introducing Porky PumpkinHead (a 6" mini rag doll) .......  He is soooo excited about gathering candy and introducing PeeWee to the fun of the evening.

Porky has a younger cousin, PeeWee, who just isn't as confident in the whole concept of Trick or Treating and seems to be a bit hesitant at fully trusting his cousin, Porky, to be looking out for his best interests on this spooky night .....  Here's poor little PeeWee out for his first Halloween:


PeeWee's First Halloween with cousin Porky

Phoebe and Little Polly

The boys will join the girls, Phoebe and Little Polly,  for a night of fun and and frolic, very little tricking (much to Polly's and PeeWee's relief) and much treating.

These little rag dolls are handpainted and ready to join in the Halloween celebrations. 

[Note:  Porky strongly feels that a little pre-holiday tricking is in order so that the younger cousins are properly oriented. ]

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  1. These little guys are fantastic, can't wait to see more :o)