Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Life, New Adventures ... Good-bye, Big Sister Hermione!

Well, it was quite a bittersweet day for both Hermione and her little sister.  Hermione had to say good-bye to Little Sister who was going to move to North Dakota to live with her new friend.  Hermione's sister is a spirit and healing creature and knows much about healing herbs and teas and affairs of healing the heart and spirit.  She is off as a birthday surprise from Hermione to join a new special friend and live with her as her new companion.  Little Sister hasn't been named because that will be up to her new friend and herself to decide together as was the custom in Hermione's family. 

Hermione and her sister gave each other a big hug good-bye with many kisses and a few tears.

Little Sister waved good-bye one last time as she topped the hill and began her journey across the mountains to the west and North Dakota and her new life there.
They promised to write and Little Sister turned and began her travels to Roanoke before the sun set and there she would catch the snowy owl express flight to North Dakota.  She had left Hermione a fresh kettle and cup of lemon ginger tea and a little pumpkin butter for some freshly baked scones for comfort. 

In the evening, Hermione sat and sipped her tea and nibbled her scones and tried to picture her little sister winging her way across the mountains and plains on the back of the snowy white owl in the moonlight.  She encircled her sister and the owl in a lavender bubble of protection for a safe and speedy trip.  Sleep didn't come easily to Hermione that night but she knew in her heart that this day was meant to be and that Little Sister was venturing out into the world and following a journey that her heart was meant to embrace.  She gazed up into the face of the moon and knew that somewhere her little sister would be gazing at the moon and thinking of her, too.  Majik, her cat, nestled in her lap and tried to comfort her with her soft mews and warm purrs.

"Good-night, Little Sister.  Always know I love you," she whispered and slowly rocked in her twiggy rocker in the moonlight as little tears glistened on her cheeks and the hooty owls, crickets and croaky frogs sang her softly to sleep.

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  1. What a beautiful story,,,a few tears...I wish Little sister all the best too on her journey!